The Polished Pearl Story

Polished Pearl began with prayer and a life changing trip to India. 8

India is a country that is known for unique. Though there are 614 million women in India, no matter whether you are rich or poor, there are no 2 saris the same. Each one is unique in color and pattern, beading and embroidery, material and fit. Every time we go, we are constantly commenting on the beautiful variety all around us.
The sad reality is that in this same nation, so many women do not know they have value at all, they are seen as a burden, as it costs money to marry them off and very few are able to work. There is now an epidemic of human trafficking in India believed to be around 14 million people. These gorgeous women don’t believe they are unique and have worth, they are told they are nothing by family who sell them and by men who abuse them.
When one of these precious pearls is released from that dark shell, she needs a place that will remind her of the truth that she one is one of a kind. Then she needs a life that encourages her uniqueness and beauty. That is where we come in…Polished Pearl helps to train and employ these beautiful women to make gorgeous, meaning filled accessories. We have also begun work in Moldova preventatively,where they estimate that 1 million people have been trafficked out of the country. In this nation the need is for employment for women in villages, so that they do not need to leave and become vulnerable.
So as women we are not so very different, we can so easily forget and believe the lies that we are ugly, that we don’t matter, that in order to be successful or beautiful we have to conform. At Polished Pearl we believe that every life is a pearl; valuable, unique, and rare. Every person has value as a one of a kind creation of a loving Father God.
So each Polished Pearl piece is beautiful to remind you of your beauty, each is unique to display the unique you, and each is meaning filled waiting for your memories.

Now you have joined in the journey and are part of polishing these pearls, while discovering the joy of wearing a piece that truly represents the beauty of every pearl.

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