The Polished Pearl Story

Polished Pearl began with prayer and a life changing trip to India.8

We went to meet with anti-human trafficking organizations all over India to better understand what was happening and how we might help. It is estimated that there are 18.3 million people enslaved in India. As we met with many combatting this issue, we heard over and over that the greatest need is jobs. Very few have a way out, and of those who do, many were being re-exploited because of lack of employment opportunities. Women in particular are vulnerable in a culture that sees them as a burden and offers few opportunities to them.

Now that we had learned and seen it first hand, something had to be done. I started Polished Pearl in the UK and later in the USA, to be able to help to offer employment opportunities to survivors of human trafficking in India.

They are like a pearl, that have been hidden in dark places, but are unique and valuable. We love to see that strength and beauty released and expressed. We invite you to join in this journey…to have your precious life moments made all the more meaningful because of the touch of freedom. Because, freedom is beautiful.